Testimonial: Jane

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I’ve wanted to study in Korea for a long time but was worried about leaving my friends and starting something new. Luckily I had some help from my friends, but when I needed to know about more difficult parts of the process like getting a visa and how to apply to schools, Diva really helped.

The process to arrange for everything can get pretty overwhelming and complicated. Diva assisted me from Jakarta with all the necessary steps and made sure I completed all the right paperwork. When they met me at the airport to escort me to my new apartment, I really felt their care. They already had everything set up! I chose their Welcoming Week Package, and on the way to the apartment they gave me all the things I’d need for basically my entire time in Korea.

For the whole week, they made sure I was comfortable and was getting used to the neighbourhood – kind of like and old friend. They even introduced me to some people to make some friends. This was really much easier than I thought it was going to be. Thanks again, Diva.

Jane, from Jakarta
Travelled with Diva Tour starting 18 December, 2016