About Us

Diva Tour has the experience necessary to provide hassle-free, low-cost opportunities to everyone from first-time travellers and well-seasoned trekkers. Our philosophy is to always be upfront about costs, policies, and procedures so you are never left wondering. We strive to show the best of ourselves, and work day and night to ensure your satisfaction.

We have three primary special programs tailor made to suit your travelling needs.

With Diva Tour, we provide traditional (or non-traditional if you prefer) tours to individuals or groups to popular destinations all around Korea. We can create an incredibly unique and off-the-beaten track non-touristy tour if you prefer, or stick to the major tourist hot spots. It’s all up to you. You’re the boss.

With Diva Study, we provide counseling and guidance to everyone who wants to learn Korean and Japanese in Korea and Japan. We have years of connections and business partners to ensure that your transition from your home country to your destination country is a smooth one. While in country, we also have support options available. We know what it’s like to live away from home.

With Diva Beauty, we understand how important looking your best is for everyone. As many of you know, Korea has some of the most well-trained and experienced beauty specialists in the world. We have done our research and have talked to the specialists involved. We have been to their offices and we are ready to assist you in these important moments of your beautiful life.


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